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Gripping eLearning Content

5 Tips To Create Gripping eLearning Content

It's often been said that in eLearning, you have 8 seconds to engage your learners or else they are moving on to the next thing. In the time that it took to read that last statement, I know that I have already lost some readers. What can we do to make sure that we hook our learners? What can we do to bring them in and keep them engaged?

This is a problem that faces teachers in all capacities, whether they are creating content for their “flipped classroom” or their classroom is a virtual one. Engaging learners is a problem we all face. Here are 5 tips that can help you to engage your learners while developing your eLearning assets.


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Raptivity case study: NC Virtual Public School

Case Study

NC Virtual Public School (NCVPS) is a leader in virtual learning for students. In their quest to turn their course content from Flat to Interactive, NCVPS encountered Raptivity. Read this case study to know how Raptivity helped NCVPS achieve its goals.

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Convert online educational content from flat to interactive


Here is a presentation by Jeffrey on converting online educational content from flat to interactive in no time. He talks about the challenges that NCVPS faced and how they tackled them. Jeff also presents an approach that can be easily mapped to all teaching environments.

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Raptivity Webinar: from flat to interactive in no time


Keeping the Gen Y audience interested and motivated is a real challenge for educators. Jeff understands these pain points being an educator himself. Here's a webinar in which he reveals some interesting tips and tricks to create interactive classroom content that can keep learners hooked.

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