Rapid Interactivity for Effective Learning

Resources: Case Studies

HTML5 Interactions Online Courses: From Flat to Interactive Using Raptivity

Check out how NC Virtual Public School used Raptivity to create highly interactive and engaging online courses.

E-Learning Tools Indian Telecom Giant Successfully Standardizes Training Requirements Using Raptivity!

Check out how Arvind Murwaha and his team used Raptivity to deliver training sessions within a stipulated time, with the help of pre-assigned content.

Elearning Tool Tony Leonard and his team create eLearning interactions creatively and in no time

Check out how Tony and his team used Raptivity interactions to create easy to use, web and mobile design for businesses.

E-Learning Games Consulio uses Raptivity to quickly create ‘Clever’ and ‘Engaging’ eLearning content

Check out how Iva Matasic used Raptivity to create interactive and engaging course content.

E-Learning Simulations HeroskillsTM uses Raptivity for Interactive Courses with Games

Check out how Malcolm and Nadine used Raptivity to create fun and interactive game based learning for young learners.

, Interactivity Building Tool Pearson uses Raptivity to Create Interactive Online Courses

Check out how Ann from Pearson used Raptivity to create interactive and engaging learning objects for online courses.

E-Learning Templates Edvance Research – Using Raptivity in online community training 

Check out how Kathy from Edvance Research used Raptivity to create their online community training and their internal training.

E-Learning Software Raptivity for Healthcare

Check out how Barbara at Philips Healthcare used Raptivity to make their online courses interactive with games

Rapid Elearning Tool Raptivity for Hi-Tech

Check out how Carie at Xerox used Raptivity to create fast, easy, fun and engaging training sessions for learners.

Rapid Interactivity Building Tool Raptivity for Dental Services 

Check out how Raptivity helped a dental services company in making their training interactive for kids

Interactive E-Learning Raptivity for Manufacturing & Distribution Services

Check out how a multi-state HVAC distributor and manufacturer uses Raptivity for creating interactive product training, employee training, customer service, technical support training and many more

E-Learning Tool For Non Programmers Raptivity for BPOs

Check out how one of the fastest growing BPOs used Raptivity for creating induction training, soft skills training, process training and product training

HTML5 Interactions Raptivity for Education

Check out how Raptivity helped a teacher in developing eLearning games in less time & made it simpler for teachers & students to teach and learn English as a foreign or Second Language