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"Raptivity templates were really helpful to easily demonstrate to our customers a variety of learning objects that we were capable to do, and the facility to customize them with our content was a plus."

Oswaldo Camacho Rojas
E-Learning Analyst

"While upgrading Raptivity Suite from Windows 7 to Windows 10, I contacted their support team. The issue was sorted out very swiftly. I was very impressed by how promptly and professionally the team sorted this out for me. I would rate the support given as the best I have ever experienced for an computer/IT problem."

Jenny Schneider

"It was designed to be asynchronous, but I saw the ability to adapt it and use it in a myriad of ways, including synchronously in online training. I think it’s worth every single penny and more. In 2002, we paid $8,000 for a designer to create two exercises. Now you can get the whole Raptivity suite for less than half of that! In comparison to the other tools out there along the same lines, I really like how easy it is to plug Raptivity into elearning products."

Becky Pluth
Vice President of Training
The Bob Pike Group

"We love the ease of using Raptivity and the impact it has on the learner when incorporated into our online learning. Raptivity really allowed us to raise the quality of our online courses. We are part of a global organisation, all using the same software and we have been shouting about the benefits of Raptivity and I believe a number of my counterparts are now using the Raptivity software."

Vanessa Dodd
Learning Technology Manager

"As an e-learning developer for over 30 years, we often have to rely on third party suppliers for various custom objectives. Customer service is one of the topics we frequently teach, with libraries of courses for companies as large as Raytheon and Toyota. As such, we are particularly attuned to  how our third parties perform. Over the past 5 years or so, the standard of service has become woefully degraded. For many customers, the expectation that a company will even do what they promised in the time they promised comprises excellence. Exceeding expectations isn’t even on the table. It’s regrettable.

Harbinger Group is a shining example of how customer service should be performed, and that covers every point of customer contact from initial call to problem resolution. To be very specific:

On my very first phone call, I was able to reach a person directly who answered my initial questions competently, asked relevant and useful questions of her own to define my needs, and gave me a specific date on which she’d get back to me. Jamaica is worth her weight in gold for that alone!

The very next day, well ahead of what was scheduled, Jamaica called to give me an interim status. I highlight that text purposefully – it’s rare as hen’s teeth that anybody does this. Most people wait until they have the complete answer, even if time goes by. Calling with interim status makes the customer feel exceptionally valued. Right then, I knew I was dealing with somebody very special.

From India, Bhalendu Chaubey and team got to work on the somewhat complex customization I needed. I expected it to take a week – imagine my surprise when a prototype was ready in a matter of days, that only required a few tweaks to become usable.

The programming team thanked us for raising a valuable issue that would make the application they were adjusting better for other customers. They completed our customization without charge since it would be useful to do so. Amazing!

Once the application was delivered, we encountered some minor difficulties getting it to work due to some Windows 7 technical problems. I placed a phone call and in literally minutes was on a Go To meeting with Jamaica, my programming team and a knowledgeable crew from India, working around the clock (I had thought the time difference would mean I had to wait a day or two – not so. It was 2:00 AM in India, and the team was there to help. Remarkable!

Once again, the fix was in the next day, and we had another Go To Meeting where Bhalendu helped implement it until he was certain it would work. And we now have a workable application – just what we needed for our customer. Note that minutes after we agreed it was working, I had e-mail and a phone call from Jamaica, who was just making sure we were satisfied and whether or not there was anything at all we needed.

To say we’re pleased is a vast understatement – we’re delighted!  This was not an costly order, it was very small by Harbinger standards, I’m sure. Yet we were treated as though we’d spent a million dollars.

We are fairly influential in the e-learning industry, both through our own company and by extension, with the hundreds of customers with whom we work and to whom we recommend resources on a daily basis. Not only will we return any time there’s the hope that Harbinger Group might meet our needs, we’ll recommend you glowingly to everyone we know.

Thanks to anyone involved in management for fostering an environment where this sort of excellence can take place, and much gratitude to Jamaica and Bhalendu specifically for your help (as well as the mysterious J.R.!)."

Diana Jump
Two Steps Ahead

"At DTI-CO, C.A. we faced a situation with a customer (a Venezuelan prívate university) that asked us for a higher level of spectacularity in our materials in order to gain the attention of young school-leavers. Raptivity enabled us, in the middle of the development phase, to create materials that involved students easily into the activities proposed, as well as instructional games, drills and tests which could easily be tracked from Moodle. One very important fact was that we could recover the development time in order to hand-in materials in due time.

AS a faculty in instructional design, Raptivity has been of much help to create mutimedia interactive materials which easily fit into the different phases of the learning process: files which gain the learner’s attention from the very first moment in the activation phase, a variety of interactivities for the presentation of contents/demonstration of skills & procedures (be it verbal information, or classification, analogies, diagrams, steps of a proccess or procedure, components of a software interface); materials for the practice/application phase like simulations of dialogues for the development of soft skills or scenarios to vary; and for the evaluation phase I can choose among different tests and games. The fact that one has diverse ways to present contents for e-learning is an additional value to avoid learners get bored and leave the program; and since materials created with Raptivity are SCORM compliant, I can easily use them with an LMS."

In Spanish

"En DTI-CO, C.A. se nos presentó una situación problemática con un cliente (una universidad privada venezolana) que nos exigió un mayor grado de espectacularidad en nuestros materiales para ganar la atención de los jóvenes recién egresados de la educación media. Raptivity nos permitió a mitad de la fase de desarrollo generar materiales que involucraban fácilmente a los estudiantes en las interactividades que se le proponían; así como crear juegos instruccionales, ejercicios y tests que pudieran ser llamados desde Moodle sin dificultad alguna. Lo más importante fue que recuperamos el tiempo de desarrollo para cumplir con los tiempos de entrega.

Como docente, Raptivity ha sido de gran utilidad para crear materiales multimedia interactivos que se adaptan a las diversas fases del proceso de aprendizaje: archivos que desde su apretura ganan la atención del aprendiz en la fase de involucramiento y activación de conocimientos/experiencias previas, variedad de interactividades para la presentación de contenidos bien sea que se trate de información verbal, clasificaciones, analogías, diagramas de flujo, pasos de un proceso o de un procedimiento, componentes de la interfaz de usuario de una aplicación computarizada; materiales para las fases de ejercitación y aplicación como simulaciones de diálogos para el desarrollo de habilidades para la comunicación o socialización, prácticas en escenarios; y tests automatizados o juegos para la sub-fase de evaluación de la comprensión de los contenidos. La posibilidad de variar formas de presentación es un valor importante para evitar que al estudiante se aburra y salga del programa. El hecho de que los productos de Raptivity cumplan con los estándares SCORM facilita mucho mi trabajo desde el LMS."

Néstor Ojeda
Profesor de Diseño Instruccional
Universidad de Los Andes, DTI-CO, C.A., y

"...Your product is an essential tool in our course development tool kit. Your company has provided consistently excellent support in the years that we have been using Raptivity."

Richard Jolles
Montgomery County Public Schools

"Raptivity is a new dimension if you are bored of using standard presentation animations. Raptivity helped us to color-up our presentations and trainings in a very short time while it carried the interactivity of the online trainings to a higher level. It is easy to use and you can achieve outstanding results without any coding or programming. Product support team is also very good and I get replies to my questions instantly."

Can Tamyaman
Turkish Airlines Technic

"As an instructional designer I use Raptivity to create interactions for English learners. Raptivity offers a wide range of learning interactions. These interactions are grouped according to recognized instructional design theories and strategies. When working with English learners I find it very important to offer learners a wide range of activities. With Raptivity it is easy to build interactions for verbal similarities, sequences, classification and analogies. Raptivity enables me to concentrate on the designing of the interaction rather than programming software."

Catherine Avington
San Francisco State University

"Raptivity is amazingly powerful, but most importantly simple! It is a wonder to be able to produce such an amount of resources fast and with no technical skills. I love having a single final file to upload elsewhere, no complex output to deal with!"

Dr. Angélica Rísquez
Teaching Innovation and Enhancement Advisor Centre for Teaching & Learning, University of Limerick, UK

"I have been a Raptivity user since last few months and this program is amazing! I have found that Raptivity is the quickest way to create high quality interactive presentations which I am able to use while teaching online or face to face. As a teacher, I am convinced that Raptivity is particularly important to teachers. Teachers generally can dedicate little time for learning complicated programs on top of their other duties. Raptivity, being very easy to use and simple, just fits into their needs perfectly."

Mary Harriet Talbut
Southeast Missouri State University

"Raptivity is a really innovative tool and among the best interactive tools available to instructional designers and course developers. The greatest value it brings to online courses in my opinion is the Big M - M for Motivation, described as one of the guiding principles for learning design in Keller’s ARCS model of Motivation. Raptivity interactions grabs attention. I have found Raptivity extremely useful in eliminating boredom from the learning material, thereby keeping the learner motivated during the learning process. Incorporating a variety of rich interactions in the form of games, flip books, puzzles helped sustain a high level of interest and excitement in the learning modules. The Raptivity interactions even make quizzes and assessments more enjoyable!"

Wayne Pascall
Instructional Designer

"…With Raptivity, I have created interactive presentations and my own professional electronic portfolio. As professor and provider of consulting services, I feel the “sky is the limit”, thanks to my recent acquisition of the Raptivity…"

Prof. Pura A. Rivera
University of Puerto Rico

"P4you, UKWe have used Raptivity for several years now and find it extremely good at producing very professional interactions quickly and easily. As a rapid authoring tool, it ranks as one of the best in the World. Balancing flexibility and ease of use is normally very difficult, as flexibility breeds complexity by its very nature. However, Raptivity’s whole user interface is very intuitive, quick to learn and easy to use, and consequently gets this balance just right."

Lance Walker

"Associação Alumni, São PauloWe at Associação Alumni in São Paulo, Brazil, have been using Raptivity for a little longer than six months and are very satisfied with the results. We have created a site with interactive activities for Young Learners, and have found that the authoring tool more than meets our needs. The teacher interface is use-friendly and simple enough that not a lot of training is required. The resulting activities are fun and effective as concerns their teaching objectives. Before Raptivity, we had to rely on the DVD/CD-ROMs available on the market. Now we can create our own materials and distribute them at a much lower cost. Overall, Raptivity was an excellent investment for our institution."

Cris Gontow
Learning Center Supervisor

"Raptivity is a great product for creating e-learning interactions and games. There are some very clever interactions which can be made quickly and efficiently and the learners really find the interactions engaging and the games fun. I’ve always found Raptivity’s customer support is very helpful."

Steve Lewis

"I have used Raptivity to create some learning objects that were very well received by staff. They fit nicely into other authoring tools content, and I'm very pleased with their versatility. I particularly like your grouping by learning theory, an excellent idea. I find the tools very easy to use, and look forward to using them frequently in future."

Donald Maclean
Perth College

"Raptivity provides us the most rapid, customizable and easy to use E-Learning content development application. One of its kind and stood up among crowd. And the on-line support and assistance from Harbinger teams are a strong point in our Partnership with Raptivity. We are going to extend our field of competence for E-Learning implementations and solutions based on Raptivity and Harbinger Technology."

Wibowo Kosasih
PT Systronic Integratama

"Our training group does quarterly satisfaction surveys for our internal customers (sales, marketing, engineering, product support etc) and out scores have risen dramatically since we launched our learning resource site with the Raptivity games. Many folks commented specifically on the games as a fun way of transferring knowledge. This product purchase has really shown an ROI for our training team! I am flattered to be referenced as an extremely satisfied customer!"

Mary E. Coughlin
Global Clinical Services, Philips Children's Medical Ventures

"The Raptivity interactive tool enables us to develop courses that are challenging and interesting. There is such a variety of interactivities that we are only limited by our imagination. The flexibility of Raptivity, coupled with its remarkable ease of use, enables Gensco course developers to create high quality, entertaining and instructive courses. That view is continually reinforced by positive feedback from the company’s sales, sales support and corporate team members."

Morris Mutal
Gensco, Inc

"The use of Raptivity has helped us move the development of on-line interactively from the Media Development Department into the hands of our instructional designers and technical writers.  The output files work seamlessly with both our LCMS and LMS resources..."

Dan Wybrant

"....I will say that Raptivity's support over the past couple years is the best I have had from any software provider."

David Rampartab
Honda Canada Inc

"The Raptivity product has helped me create a large amount of interactivities for a learning website that I am in the process of creating. This would normally have involved a lot more staff and a few more pieces of software. Raptivity has customizable interactivity creators that remove the need for a lot of the groundwork that is normally needed. Another feature is the wide range of training games and learning simulations etc that can be created."

André deSouza

"I am impressed to see how easy it is to add a big value of interactivity and engagement in eLearning courses using Raptivity. It is indeed wonderful that Raptivity users do not need any programming skills and the Raptivity output still is totally compliant with the eLearning de-facto standard."

Piero Carrà

"We chose Raptivity because we wanted to be able to make flash interactions ourselves, and to give our customers the means to create interactive e-learning themselves. Raptivity gives us a competitive advantage in the Norwegian market by providing our customers with an advanced toolkit to create interactivity ourselves."

Johnny Rivli

Huge Investments in Time, Money and programming expertise are the current norm for most organisations when it comes to designing interactive eLearning content. Raptivity shifts the paradigm by providing a tool for average users, massively cuts down development cycles without sacrificing interactivity & effectiveness plus delivers all these benefits at a fraction of the cost. Raptivity is successfully doing what most CEOs and business leaders want - tangible ROI when it comes to training costs and bringing back the focus on the content and learner experience rather than IT. At Learning Xponents, we strongly believe in providing integrated solutions to business problems. Our partnership with Raptivity is a testament to its strengths and capabilities as an eLearning solution and productivity tool."

Preeti More
Learning Xponents

"The need for non specialist development tools is a reality since the first PowerPoint to Flash converters a couple years ago, but it's difficult to build really engaging content unless you have a multimedia team to spice it up. Raptivity fills an important need there, letting you create interactions without any development and integrate them in your favourite authoring tool - it's a multimedia development team in a box!"

Philippe Delanghe