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Raptivity – The Finest Interactivity Builder

Raptivity is an amazingly powerful yet simple interactivity building tool which helps you create outstanding eLearning building blocks without any programming. With a diverse set of 190+ Flash and HTML5 compliant, customizable interactions, Raptivity help adds a new dimension to your eLearning content.


Raptivity Essential


Collection of 29 ‘Must-have’ Interactivity Templates to get you started with interactive eLearning.

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Raptivity Suite


A world of Interactivity Templates, beyond the essentials – everything you’ll need to create interactive eLearning.

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Raptivity Linker

Raptivity Linker

Go beyond interactions... Create learning arcs.

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Raptivity is the leading interactivity building tool that offers the world’s largest customizable library of learning interactions. It lets you craft compelling eLearning content using the finest collection of interactions from varied categories like presentations, games, videos, quizzes, simulations and more. Whether you are a novice or seasoned eLearning professional, Raptivity is the best pick if you aim to create engaging, interactive and spectacular eLearning content.

Raptivity Highlights:

do it yourself

Do-It-Yourself Interface

Raptivity boasts of a simple, refreshing and intuitive user interface which promises a great and fulfilling user experience.

"Balancing flexibility and ease of use is normally very difficult, as flexibility breeds complexity by its very nature. However, Raptivity’s whole user interface is very intuitive, quick to learn and easy to use, and consequently gets this balance just right."
Lance Walker
Director, P4you, UK

Edit tools in Raptivtiy

Quick and Easy Customization

Raptivity allows you to completely customize any interaction model and mould it the way you need it. All this without any programming. The customization process is really quick and easy. 

"Raptivity is amazingly powerful, but most importantly simple! It is a wonder to be able to produce such an amount of resources fast and with no technical skills."
Dr.Angélica Rísquez
University of Limerick, UK

Publishing options in Raptivity

Multiple Publishing Options

Raptivity lets you publish all your interactions in both Flash and HTML5 formats, thus making it the ideal tool for both eLearning and mLearning. For HTML5 publishing, Raptivity also lets you publish a single interaction in different sizes to suit different mobile devices.

"Now, with Raptivity supporting HTML5 my customers have the ability to extend these applications to hand held tablet devices which has worked wonders for them."
Tony Leonard
Partner - Developer, DecMedia, LLC

Media Tools

Media Toolbox

Raptivity interaction models come equipped with a media toolbox. This utility allows the users to add additional media objects like text, images, videos or buttons in an existing interaction model.

"The Raptivity interactive tool enables us to develop courses that are challenging and interesting. There is such a variety of interactivities that we are only limited by our imagination. The flexibility of Raptivity, coupled with its remarkable ease of use, enables Gensco course developers to create high quality, entertaining and instructive courses. That view is continually reinforced by positive feedback from the company’s sales, sales support and corporate team members."
Morris Mutal
Director, Gensco, Inc


Seamless and Easy Integration

Raptivity output can be used independently or in conjunction with other tools. It integrates perfectly well with most of the third party authoring tools and LMSs. The easy integration with LMSs enables you to track Raptivity output easily.

"In comparison to the other tools out there along the same lines, I really like how easy it is to plug Raptivity into eLearning products."
Becky Pluth
Vice President of Training,
The Bob Pike Group


Tracking Support

Raptivity supports SCORM/AICC and Tin Can tracking. The tracking information is also available through JavaScript or Flash Shared Object. Using the tracking support, users can track learner performance for any interaction by using it along with their LMS, LCMS, etc.

"Since materials created with Raptivity are SCORM compliant, I can easily use them with an LMS."
Néstor Ojeda
Profesor de Diseño Instruccional,
Universidad de Los Andes, DTI-CO, C.A., y

Multi language support

Multi Language Support

Since Raptivity supports Unicode, interactivity creation is possible in multiple languages including English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Turkish, Korean, etc.

“Como docente, Raptivity ha sido de gran utilidad para crear materiales multimedia interactivos que se adaptan a las diversas fases del proceso de aprendizaje: archivos que desde su apretura ganan la atención del aprendiz en la fase de involucramiento y activación de conocimientos/experiencias previas, variedad de interactividades para la presentación de contenidos bien sea que se trate de información verbal, clasificaciones, analogías, diagramas de flujo, pasos de un proceso o de un procedimiento, componentes de la interfaz de usuario de una aplicación computarizada; materiales para las fases de ejercitación y aplicación como simulaciones de diálogos para el desarrollo de habilidades para la comunicación o socialización, prácticas en escenarios; y tests automatizados o juegos para la sub-fase de evaluación de la comprensión de los contenidos. La posibilidad de variar formas de presentación es un valor importante para evitar que al estudiante se aburra y salga del programa. El hecho de que los productos de Raptivity cumplan con los estándares SCORM facilita mucho mi trabajo desde el LMS.”
Néstor Ojeda
Profesor de Diseño Instruccional,
Universidad de Los Andes, DTI-CO, C.A., y

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