Guided Tour on Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is a popular word-processing program used for creating documents such as letters, brochures, learning activities, tests, quizzes and user homework assignments. There are many powerful features available in Microsoft Word, we will explore few of them.

Create a Document Template

Templates can be created for a variety of reasons:

1. To provide a customized writing environment for users who require non-standard formatting (i.e. large font, high contrast, special fonts)

2. For tests and quizzes to be completed on the computer.

3. For user activities.

Using Spell Check

Spell checker is a very useful tool, helps users to edit their work. MS Word provides two spell check options.

1. One option notifies a user immediately when a word is misspelled

2. The other option is used after the user's writing is completed.

Using the Thesaurus

The thesaurus provides a list of synonyms for the text you look up, and highlights the one that is closest to what you have typed, based on the context of the sentence.

Using Pictures

Creating activities with pictures can be a great way for early readers and writers to practice their skills. Word provides the option that allows the user to click on the item and place it where they want.

Using Hyperlinks

Hyperlinks can be used in documents to quickly go to different sections within the document, to a new file or to a web page.

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