Audio-Visual Crossword

Click the icons next to the clues for audio-visual representations.

This is an audio-visual crossword. The clues are in the form of audio and visuals. Use your keyboard to form the words on the grid.

All the best!

Click Start to begin.


Click a white cell on the crossword or an across or down clue to start the game. The active clue is also shown in the box above the crossword. The greenish highlight shows the selected word. The lighter shade of the highlight indicates the active cell on the crossword.

The clues for this crossword consist of images, audio, and text. The clue types are accompanied with relevant icons.

Key in the letters using your keyboard.

The correct letters are shown in black. Incorrect letters are shown in red.

Use the Space Bar on your keyboard to toggle between across and down clues.

The Solve button provides three options - Solve Letter, Solve Word, and Solve Puzzle.

Solve Letter provides the character for the active cell.

Solve Word shows the complete highlighted word.

Solve Puzzle solves the entire puzzle.