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Benefits of 3G Technology
Multimedia & HD Video Services Enriched User Experience: • IPMM / Conversational Multimedia • Streaming / Interactive Media • Multimedia Messaging (MMS) • Better World Wide Web (WWW) • High Resolution Video Services
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Internet Fax Some people conduct business from home but do not have a fax number or access to a fax machine. This creates a good market for the Internet fax. An Internet fax is a virtual fax number where one person can send a fax to another person. The person receiving the fax can access the fax via email and can then print it out just like a normal fax machine.
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Online Entertainment Online entertainment got wings with the launch of 3G. 3G telephony was predicted to completely change the way people watched TV. With the invention of high end mobile phones and tablets, online entertainment that primarily includes movies has become easily accessible.
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Faster Data Transfers ITU has not provided a clear definition of the data rate users can expect from 3G equipment or providers. The thing mentioned states a minimum of 2 Mbit/s for stationary or walking users, and 384 kbit/s in a moving vehicle.
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Data & Voice Services With a 3G phone and access to the 3G network one can make voice calls and messaging services found on a mobile phone, like person to person videos, live streaming, downloadable videos of entertainment, news, current affairs and sports content and video messaging with better clarity.
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Online Billing 3G facilitates the acceptance of electronic payment for online transactions with much ease and at a faster rate.
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