Film making Process

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1. Script Development

The very first step in film making is identifying a script and then understanding its characters, organizing the script by reading and listening to the contents.

2. Screenwriting & Storyboarding

The story and the characters in the script have to be well defined which requires good understanding of complex relations as well as creative thinking. Finally, a good plan will help to complete the storyboard accordingly.

3.Production & Filming

The careful execution is the first step to ensuring that the film will turn out well by allocating the resources intelligently, working as a team so that problems are resolved amicably and quick decisions are taken.

4. Editing

Editing serves two purposes viz; it eliminates the unwanted footage and secondly it places the events in a sequenced manner. Eliminating unwanted sections can be time consuming but with the use of technology, it is reasonably simpler.

5. Exhibit, Review & Reflect

Lastly, the important fact to remember here is that the movie is to be shown to an audience who will match the film. They should reflect on the characters and message conveyed in the film.