Rapid Interactivity for Effective Learning


Does Raptivity work with Windows 8?

Yes! The latest versions of Raptivity are fully compatible with Windows 8. All you need to do is download and install the latest version of Raptivity and start using it with Windows 8 without any issues.

Does Raptivity support HTML5 output?

Raptivity supports more than 125 interactions with HTML5 publishing options.

How can I create a course using Raptivity HTML5 interactions?

You can easily create a course using tools like Adobe Dreamweaver with HTML5 output. Check out Raptivity Resources section to get step by step details of integration.

Does Raptivity HTML5 output support tracking?

Yes, Raptivity HTML5 output is Tin Can, SCORM and AICC compliant.

Can my existing Raptivity interactions be converted to HTML5 output?

Yes. Interactions created using Raptivity v5.5 and above can be published to HTML5 output.

Do Raptivity interactions support Section 508 guidelines?
Yes! With the latest version of Raptivity all the 35 interactions in Raptivity Essential Pack provide support for Section 508 Guidelines. For a more detailed information on this, have a look at this Voluntary Product Accessibility Template.
Can Raptivity output play without any proprietary plug-ins? 

Yes. The output of Raptivity is a single flash file or HTML5, which plays without the need of any propriety plug-ins. For flash output, all you need is Flash Player 9 or above. For HTML5, you don’t need any special plug-in.

Can Raptivity be used with my existing Course Creation Systems, LCMS and Live Collaboration Systems? 

Check out Raptivity Resources section to get step by step details of integration with some of these tools. ��-

Can the interactivities which are created using Raptivity be tracked using a LMS? 

All the 180+ Raptivity interactions are trackable. Raptivity tracks completion status, score and learner responses and makes each interaction Tin Can, SCORM/AICC trackable. You can track the interactions using any SCORM compliant LMS including Blackboard, WebCT, SumTotal, Plateau, Saba and more. The tracking information can also be made available as JavaScript or Flash Shared Object.

What is Tin Can API?
Around 30 interactions support Tin Can 0.95. To find the list of these interactions write to support@raptivity.com
Which version of Raptivity supports Tin Can?

Currently, Raptivity v 7.5 supports Tin Can v 0.95 for its Essential pack.

Does Raptivity have a site license option?
Yes. Raptivity provides site license option. For more information please write to info@raptivity.com
Do you offer volume discount, educational discount? 
Yes. We offer discounts to educational institutes, non-profit and government organizations. For more details about discounts and offers please write to info@raptivity.com
How much do I have to pay per learner? 

None! The interactivity you create using Raptivity can be published for royalty free distribution to any number of learners. So you only pay for the license, and can create millions of interactivities.

How do I purchase Raptivity?
You can pay online on www.raptivity.com/store Alternatively, if you want, we can also send you an invoice.
Can we purchase Raptivity from our preferred vendors? 
Yes. We could work with your preferred vendors for delivering Raptivity to you. Alternatively, you can select any of the vendors with whom we have partnered. Check our partners. Alternatively, if you want, we can also send you an invoice.
What are the support options available?

The details about various paid and free support plans are available in the support section of the website.

What are the terms of Raptivity license agreement?

The Raptivity End-User License Agreement entitles a single user to use Raptivity on a singe computer. If you wish to install the software on additional computers, you will need to purchase additional license(s).

Does Raptivity allow branding of interactivities per my corporate colors and fonts? 

Yes, Raptivity allows you to create your own custom branded versions of the interaction models, and store them under "My Templates". These interaction models can then be re-used without having to do the repetitive task.

How can my flash programmers/developers use the power of Raptivity?

With MyRaptivity, you can create your own interaction models for Raptivity. This is how it works. Flash programmers develop interaction logic using Flash. Once done with this, they use MyRaptivity to ensure that it is possible to create variations of the interaction using Raptivity - without further programming, of course. This way, you leverage the Raptivity user base in your organization and save the time and effort required for communication, program changes, bug-fixes, recompilation and distribution.

Which educational institutes are using Raptivity?

To name just a few: Michigan State University, University of Nebraska, West Virginia University, Mississippi State University, St. Joseph University, Florida State University, Providence College, Wichita State University are amongst those using the power of Raptivity. 

Visit our customers page for more details.
Can the faculty members use Raptivity?

Yes. The faculty members, educators, or subject matter experts can use Raptivity with minimal learning and absolutely no programming.

Do you offer discount to government, NGOs or Non-profit organizations?
Yes. We offer a 25% discount to government, NGOs or Non profit organizations. Write to info@raptivity.com for more details about discounts.