Rapid Interactivity for Effective Learning

Raptivity - The Best in Class Interactivity Builder!

Raptivity is a finely crafted interactivity builder that offers a rich collection of 190+ templates for creating eLearning interactions, quick and easy, absolutely without any programming. The templates range across varied categories like games, simulations, brainteasers, interactive diagrams, virtual worlds, and many more.

Using this tool is as simple as picking up an interaction template and customizing it with your content. Raptivity outputs to both Flash and HTML5 formats and can be tracked using xAPI, SCORM/AICC standards. You could use the output standalone or in conjunction with Raptivity Linker, Authoring Tools or Learning Management Systems (LMS).

Who should use Raptivity?

Whether you are an instructional designer, a beginner or pro in eLearning course creation, Raptivity has interaction templates to fit your needs. If you are an eLearning beginner looking for interaction templates to get started, Raptivity Essential could be your perfect choice. We also offer Raptivity Suite to provide you with probably the largest variety of interaction templates - both basic and advanced, in one place.

Raptivity also offers a complimentary add on software - Raptivity Linker. Linker helps link together Raptivity interactions to form quick and short eLearning modules, without any programming.

Using Raptivity with your Favourite Authoring Tools

Using Raptivity with Articulate Storyline

Check out this sample course on ‘Sexual Harassment’, created in Articulate Storyline and enhanced with Raptivity interactions.

Raptivity Captivate Integration Sample

A Captivate sample course on ‘Healthy Eating’, which uses multiple Raptivity interactions for a richer learning experience.

Raptivity PowerPoint Integration Sample

A PowerPoint sample that explains Raptivity and its feature set, using PowerPoint slides and embedded Raptivity interactions.


Want to use Raptivity with Moodle, Blackboard, Adobe Connect and more such elearning tools? Check out the tool integration guide.

Engagement Analytics

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I have found Raptivity extremely useful in eliminating boredom from the learning material, thereby keeping the learner motivated during the learning process.

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Wayne Pascall

Instructional Designer

Raptivity is amazingly powerful, but most importantly simple! It is a wonder to be able to produce such an amount of resources fast and with no technical skills.

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Dr.Angélica Rísquez

University of Limerick, UK

Raptivity enables me to concentrate on the designing of the interaction rather than programming software.

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Catherine Avington

San Francisco State University

I will say that Raptivity's support over the past couple years is the best I have had from any software provider.

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David Rampartab

Honda Canada Inc.

There is such a variety of interactivities that we are only limited by our imagination. The flexibility of Raptivity, coupled with its remarkable ease of use, enables Gensco course developers to create high quality courses.

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Morris Mutal

Gensco, Inc

Raptivity is successfully doing what most CEOs and business leaders want - tangible ROI when it comes to training costs and bringing back the focus on the content and learner experience rather than IT.

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Preeti More

Learning Xponents

Teachers generally can dedicate little time for learning complicated programs on top of their other duties. Raptivity, being very easy to use and simple, just fits into their needs perfectly.

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Mary Harriet Talbut

Southeast Missouri State University

It's a multimedia development team in a box!

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Philippe Delanghe


As a faculty in instructional design, Raptivity has been of much help to create mutimedia interactive materials which easily fit into the different phases of the learning process.

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Néstor Ojeda

Profesor de Diseño Instruccional
Universidad de Los Andes, DTI-CO, C.A., y

Raptivity is a new dimension if you are bored of using standard presentation animations. Raptivity helped us to color-up our presentations and trainings in a very short time while it carried the interactivity of the online trainings to a higher level.

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Can Tamyaman

Turkish Airlines Technic

Having the ability to add interactive practices and tracking capability due to SCORM has increased the accountability level of our learners and has made the course content more engaging.

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Jeffrey Page

Curriculum Coordinator
NC Virtual Public Schools

When I found out about Raptivity, an interactivity building tool available in the market, I didn’t believe that it was possible that such a software existed which can create interactions and visualization like Flash, with the most important benefit: ease of use. But it did. Raptivity proved it.

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Iva Mastaic

Founder and CEO

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Anne Mills

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May 21, 2015

Interesting tip for personalized touch to online learning interactions

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Game based learning

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As an Instructional Designer or Educator, you always aspire to make your course content as ‘sticky’ as possible. You try your level best to engage learners in thoughtful learning even after they have left the room or finished the course. It’s apparent that you do understand that something that fascinates almost every person is playing games. Then why not use games to engage learners?

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By: Raptivity Team

April 30, 2015

Storyboarding A Primer and Current Perspective

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On the surface, storyboarding just seems like much ado with little return. Let me see if I can convince you (and me!) that this is not the case, and that when done with rigour, storyboarding will save a whole lot of grief.

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Todd Kasenberg

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Top Writing Mistakes in Storyboards

Top Writing Mistakes in Storyboards

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Desirée Pinder

By: Desirée Pinder

April 15, 2014

Raptivity Linker: Product Review

Raptivity Linker Review

[Learning Solutions Magazine] Raptivity, as the best collection of off-the-shelf, yet customizable, interactions for building in the eLearning market, earned a place in my eLearning development arsenal in its own right. But with the introduction of Raptivity Linker, things just got a whole lot more interesting.

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By: Todd Kasenberg

April 23, 2015