Rapid Interactivity for Effective Learning
Raptivity with Articulate and Storyline integration

Integrating Raptivity with Articulate Studio 13

Want to add more variety to your interaction collection for Articulate Presenter? Use Raptivity with Presenter to leverage the power of media-rich interaction templates.

Tutorial on integrating Raptivity  interaction with Articulate Studio

Video tutorial sharing step by step guide on integrating Raptivity with Articulate Presenter

Raptivity integration with Articulate Presenter

Course on 'Pricing Strategy' created using Articulate Presenter. It includes rich interactions created with Raptivity and Articulate Engage.

Step by step guide to integrate Raptivity with Articulate Presenter


Using Raptivity with Articulate Storyline

Many Raptivity customers use Storyline as the authoring tool for their eLearning course creation. And they incorporate Raptivity interactions to add more spice to their courses. Here is why:

  • Seamless integration of Raptivity with Storyline
  • A larger and wider choice of interaction templates with 190+ learning interactions
  • Easy integration without any logical programming
  • Flash and HTML5 output integration support

Video tutorial on integrating Raptivity Flash with Articulate Storyline.

Video tutorial on integrating Raptivity HTML5 with Articulate Storyline.

Check out this sample course on 'Sexual Harassment', created in Articulate Storyline and enhanced with Raptivity interactions.

Step by step guide to integrate Raptivity with Articulate Storyline

Here is a bit on Raptivity to help you get started:

Raptivity is an eLearning creation tool that offers the world's largest customizable library of learning interaction templates across varied categories like presentations, games, videos, quizzes, simulations and more. Whether you are a novice or seasoned eLearning professional, Raptivity is your best pick to create engaging, interactive and spectacular eLearning content. And when you use it with your favorite authoring tools, it is like icing on the cake.

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