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After much applaud and appreciation from the beta user group, Raptivity has finally launched Raptivity Linker to market with a plethora of new features. An innovative and novel idea in its own, Raptivity Linker is bound to redefine interactivity as we know it today.

Wondering what exactly it does? Well, Raptivity Linker lets you transcend the boundaries of single modular interactions and create unified learning experiences by linking Raptivity interactions. With its ability to create a logical and meaningful sequence of interactions, it enables the creation of learning-arcs that can be used standalone or as part of bigger learning modules. Essentially, it gives users a way to piece together realistic and flexible learning experiences.

Here are some more insights:

Here’s How it Works

Raptivity Linker allows users to string together stand-alone Raptivity interactions and slide templates to form unified interactive learning blocks. It serves as a canvas to group learning elements together in a cohesive and logical manner.

Tool for Instructional Designers and Course Creators

Raptivity Linker is an add-on to Raptivity and just like Raptivity; it does not require any kind of programming knowledge to be able to use it, thus making it easy for instructional designers and course creators to use it. The interactive learning experiences created with Raptivity Linker can be used independently or with other tools. It is a unique solution that lends itself beautifully to the latest trend in learning – micro learning. All this accounts for the fact that seasoned eLearning professionals and novice course creators alike will find this tool really handy and easy to use.

Highlights of Raptivity Linker

  • No programming required
  • Easy to customize and link Raptivity interactions
  • Easy to use features like video imports and slide layouts with options for text, images and videos alike
  • Suited to create micro learning modules
  • SCORM trackable learning experiences

Raptivity Linker is available for free to all users. Have more queries? Read the FAQs here.

Todd Kasenberg

"Raptivity was a beautiful discovery for me since I found it to be really intuitive, and it gave me the opportunity to rapidly create variations on a theme". Read the full review

Todd Kasenberg
Principal, Guiding Star Communications and Consulting

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