Rapid Interactivity for Effective Learning

Resources: White Paper

Raptivity Whitepaper 5 Creative Ideas of using Raptivity in Online Training

With the strong acceptance of online training as a new trend in the industry, adding interactivity becomes all the more important. This whitepaper highlights 5 innovative ways of doing so using Raptivity. Raptivity has the strong potential to give the trainers an overall enhanced experience which is complete in itself. Download the book and discover how.

Raptivity Whitepaper Games based learning - Redefining engagement in eLearning

Games based Learning in eLearning encourages self-reliance and self-determination in terms of a learner’s ability. This whitepaper describes how games actually helps a learner progress within a demanding but incrementally staged environment. Raptivity, with its wide range of games based interactions has taken games based learning a step ahead in creating a whole new experience for the learners and trainers.

Raptivity Whitepaper Enhance Learning Experience with Interactive Mind Map

Mind Map is a much spoken concept now. This whitepaper explains how mind maps can be used in Simulations and Assessments. Raptivity has recently introduced the Interactive Mind Map, where the users can embed videos, text and images on each node of the Mind Map

Raptivity Whitepaper Interactivity in an authoring tool

Interactivity is as essential ingredient of any training course content. This white paper explains the role of an authoring tool and interactivity tool in building interactive course content.

Raptivity Whitepaper 6 things you should know about Raptivity 7.0

Raptivity® always tries to lead the interactivity domain with new ideas to help in creating cutting edge interactive courses. This white paper gives lightning tips on using Raptivity effectively. Read 6 important things you should know about Raptivity version 7.0

Raptivity Whitepaper HTML5 & mLearning - The Rapid Interactivity Approach

HTML5 and mobile learning are coming of age rapidly. This white paper describes how rapid interactivity approach pioneered by Raptivity applies to HTML5 technology and m-Learning.

Raptivity Whitepaper Raptivity Software Makes Interactive Learning Easy

This Raptivity white paper describes how it is now possible to create compelling and effective eLearning content that not only provides true interactivity, but is also affordable and easily created by individuals who have little experience in content development.